Ideating, Co-Creating, and Scaling Impact to address sustainability challenges and achieve meaningful change.


Ideating, Co-Creating, and Scaling Impact to address sustainability challenges and achieve meaningful change.


The Firm

Moonshot Sustainability LLC was created to support businesses, governments, and NGOs to address sustainability challenges they face. While labor and incomes have been a major focus of sustainability in the past decade, climate change and emission reductions have become an additional priority for both businesses and governments. Navigating this conversion from doing the right thing to incorporating sustainability into the cost of doing business can lead to some uncertainty about the right pathway and how to create a smooth transition. Businesses are feeling this uncertainty as they deal with their own operations and their supply chains, while governments are being asked to facilitate the process but there are no easy models to follow. Moonshot Sustainability is a service provider to help organizations identify critical sustainability issues as a means to co-create solutions that meet both business and stakeholder demands. With 20+ yrs of project experience, Moonshot Sustainability has the expertise required to develop the tools and approaches that resonate with commercial, financial, and environmental sustainability.

What We do

The bulk of our experience is in the agriculture sector, working along the value chain to:

Strengthen links between smallholder farmers and buyers

Integrate productivity enhancements and quality standards to improve market access and increase incomes

Identify access to finance constraints and work with financial institutions to offset risks and increase lending

Work with governments to identify/address key regulatory issues that impede private sector investment
Integrate technology to bring transparency to supply chains and unlock potential market opportunities
Assess program impacts and propose mid-program modifications, where needed
The key to each of these engagements has been to focus on creating long-term market-driven solutions that are commercially driven, lead to financial sustainability, and ensure social and environmental sustainability.

About Us

Moonshot Sustainability LLC was established in 2023 by Bradford Roberts to provide advice and co-create solutions together with businesses, non-profit organizations, and governments to achieve meaningful impact in emerging markets. Bradford worked over 20 years at the International Finance Corporation and World Bank, with the last 15 years focused on sustainability in the agribusiness sector. This experience included scoping, designing, implementing, and evaluating projects together with private sector clients and local partners in over 30 countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Over the course of this work, Bradford has engaged with private sector businesses (Walmart, Unilever, Cargill, Yara, Bayer Crop Sciences, ECOM, Jain Irrigation, L’Oreal, etc.), multilateral/international financial banks (World Bank, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, International Finance Corporation, Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank (FMO), Rabobank), UN-Rome Based Agencies (FAO, IFAD, WFP) and bilateral/private donors (DFID, Dutch, Swiss, AusAID, US Treasury, USAID, Global Affairs of Canada, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) amongst others.

Practice Areas

Assessment/Sustainable Strategy Formulation

Challenges in emerging markets are multifaceted, based on systemic issues, regulatory burdens, and infrastructure constraints among others. Understanding the role of each of these issues is key to identifying the critical levers for meaningful change. Moonshot Sustainability works with clients to sort through these issues to co-create sustainability strategies that reflect those realities while achieving organizational objectives.

Program Design/Advisory Services

Moonshot Sustainability provides program design expertise to clients to identify high-impact opportunities and related constraints, and then define SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timebound) activities to achieve results. This process includes identifying key partners and stakeholders for success.

Partnership Building

Moonshot Sustainability leverages years of experience building win-win partnerships between businesses, governments, NGOs, and local stakeholders. Lessons learned from those experiences, include both positive aspects of partnerships such as creating synergies but also the problems of over-engineering collaboration and trying to scale activities pre-maturely. Today’s emerging challenges such as conservation and climate change require multistakeholder approaches to cover large-scale landscapes/jurisdictions and knowledge in shaping those conversations.

Organizations With Whom We Have Worked